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1.  Do I have to become a member in order to participate at GFAB shows?

     A:  No, you may participate as a member or as a guest.  However, points will not be accumulated towards Year-End Awards unless you are a member.


2.  Can I become a member any time during the year?

     A:  Yes!  Applications are always accepted, but are only good for the current season.  They are not pro-rated and points are not retro-active.


3.  I became a member late in the season.  Will all my placings at all shows now count for the Year-End Awards?

     A:  Section 17.01 e-f   No.  Points only start to accumulate when your membership is paid in full.  Points are not accumulated retroactively.


4.  Do I have to wear a helmet?

     A:   All English riders are required to wear: (1) ASTM-SEI-approved protective headgear with attached harness; Helmets are not mandatory in Montana for             Western riders.


5. What colored breeches are approved at a GFAB show? 

     A:  All natural colored/tan/beige color family breeches, as well as black, are approved to wear at our shows.


6.  My birthday changes my age division during the middle of the show season.  How will that affect my points?

     A: Section 16.06   The age of an individual on 01 January will be maintained throughout the entire show year.  


7.  I share a horse with a family member/friend.  How does that affect our Year-End Points?

     A: Section 16.07    Points will be accrued by registered Horse & Rider combos, only.  For points to accrue where multiple riders are competing with 1                         horse, each combination must be registered to accrue points.  Points are not based solely on horse.

8.  How are board members selected?
     A:  Currently the Club is in a transitional phase and no elections are being held.  This is to clear-up previous issues and set the club up for long-term success.           The next voting year is scheduled for 2022.

9.  Where can I find the meeting minutes?
     A:  Meeting minutes are sent to current board members after each meeting and are kept on file with the current Secretary. Any GFAB member in good                     standing may request a copy of the minutes from the secretary.

10.  Can anyone attend the meetings?
     A:  No.  Meetings are currently just for Board members.  Anyone may request to attend a meeting and ask to be put on the agenda if they have an item for             discussion.

11.  Is there a general membership meeting?
     A:  The general membership meeting is the GFAB Year-End Banquet held each year in October/November.

12.  How can I get involved with GFAB?
     A:  Just let any Board member to let us know you would like to be involved with the organization. An easy way to start is by contacting us via the website or           on Facebook!

13.  What does GFAB do for its members/why should I join?
     A:  Member benefits include being able to participate in the Year-End Awards program, discounts on show entries, eligible for the coveted All-day show fee,              member-only pages, and so much more.  See our Membership page for more information.  


14.  What is a 'Lucky Number' and do I have to buy one?

     A:  A 'Lucky Number' is a designated show number for you to use throughout the show season - and also your Membership Number.  If purchased, you will               receive two identical numbers for you to use at every show.  You do not have to purchase one.  A number will be assigned to you at all the shows.

15.  I lost/ruined my Lucky Numbers.  What do I do?

     A:  You will have to re-purchase your number and you will be re-issued a new set.  You may choose the same number. 


16.  What is my GFAB Membership number?

     A:  Your Membership number is a secretarial designation you will receive upon joining.  If you purchased a 'Lucky Number', this is used as your membership             number.

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