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No Stirrup November

Great Falls All Breeds Horse Club is teaming up with The Paard Yard and they have a fun challenge for all of you! Ride at least 10 times in November, for at least a portion of the ride without stirrups! Ride English, Western, or bareback! Participating Entrants will receive a fun rosette ribbon upon completion as well as being eligible for some other super fun prizes awarded at the Great Falls All Breeds Horse Club Year End Banquet!

How much time should I spend riding without stirrups? That's up to you! We suggest starting out slowly and gradually building in a little more time each week.  For example, start off with a goal of 5 minutes at the walk without stirrups at the end of your ride while cooling out. Use one or multiple horses to complete the challenge. Every ride done without stirrups counts! The main goal of the challenge is to complete the 10 rides without using stirrups for a portion or all of the ride. You do not have to do the entire ride without stirrups. 

This challenge is self-paced and on the honor system. Lying isn't showing good sportsmanship, ruins the fun for others, and isn't cool... so don’t cheat.  All riders who complete the challenge and send in their completed calendar by Dec. 15th will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes! Registration is required before November 15th.

Have fun and show us your No Stirrup November photos on our Facebook page.

1.    Q: Do I have to be a member of GFAB to participate?  
A:  No!  Anyone can participate who lives in the wonderful state of Montana.  Although, GFAB members do get to register for a lot less!
2.    Q: How much is it to register/participate?
A:  GFAB member’s registration is $10.  Non-members wanting to participate, the cost is $20, with majority of the profits going to support our scholarship fund. GFAB is a 501c3 organization.
3.    Q: Does it all have to be done on the same horse?
A:  Nope!  Ride any or as many horse(s) you want.  Just log the minutes you ride without stirrups on the downloadable calendar.
4.    Q: What if I don’t finish by the end of November?
A:  That’s a bummer, but we know weather is unpredictable here in Montana.  You can log some time in December, just as long as your completed calendar is emailed before the December 15th deadline.
5.    Q: Where/How do I register?
A:  Send in the attached registration form with your check to the address provided.  
6.    Q:  Can I register on-line?
A:  Sure! Just email your form to and we can send you an invoice to pay online via square,
7.    Q:  I will not be able to attend the GFAB Year End Banquet.  How do I get my ribbon?
A:  We will mail your ribbon to the address provided on the registration form around the same time as the GFAB Banquet in early 2022.
8.    Q: I didn’t finish the challenge and I forgot to send in my forms.  Can I get my money back?
A:  No refunds, sorry.

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