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Each show will have distinct patterns.  This section will have the patterns needed for the specific show you are registering for.

May 11th: Dressage & Hunter/Jumper

Prix Caprilli Tests

*Prix Caprilli is a pattern class using dressage letters and movements. 

*GFAB has their own version of these tests.  

*Intro Test can be ridden by both western and English riders since the obstacles are poles.

*Training level test will have fences that can be up to 2'.

*You are allowed to have a reader for this class.

*You can enter ONLY ONE test per horse/rider combo

Please make a note that there was a typo in the test 2.  KXF should be read as HXF when going towards the jump.  Please make sure the file you have has the word "fix" at the end.  Sorry for the confusion! 

USDF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Finals 

Dressage Seat Medal

*USDF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Finals may be ridden by any dressage, hunter or jumper rider.

*Test must be memorized!!


2023 Western Dressage Seat Medal - Intermediate Pattern  A

Western Dresage Medal

*May be ridden by any western rider.

*Test must be memorized!!


Hunter & Jumper Patterns

There are 3 patterns for this show - Hunters, Equitation and Jumpers.  Please make a note that the in-gate location has changed to the East side of Arena (same side as the name of the pattern in top left corner, but on the right side of the arena.    =)

Hunters 05_11_2024_Final.jpg
Jumpers 05_11_2024_Final.jpg

Dressage Ride Times

Here is the time schedule for the May 11th Show for Dressage.

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