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Beginning in 2021, the Great Falls All Breeds Horse Club (GFAB) will be awarding scholarship(s) to outstanding, deserving, GFAB youth members planning to further their education in equestrian activities, or apply towards Ag or animal-related educational opportunities. The amount, as well as the total number of scholarships offered, are based on funds raised through the GFAB’s various fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Guaranteed awards will be one $250 scholarship in our 12 & Under division and one $400 scholarship in our Ages 13-18 division.  Application and required documents MUST BE emailed no later than February 21, 2024. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted or those emailed/postmarked after the deadline will not be considered. Regretfully, exceptions cannot be made.

Please download complete package instructions with the file.



Great Falls All Breeds will award scholarship(s) to those meeting the requirements listed in the “Eligibility” section of this application. The scholarship(s) will be awarded based on an essay and a leadership statement.  Other scholarships offered will have additional criteria. Individual applicants will receive no more than one (1) scholarship from the GFAB in a calendar year.


An independent selection committee will consist of at least three non-GFAB members. The selection committee will evaluate all applications on a non-discriminatory basis. The scholarship chairperson will sanitize all applications to hide personally identifiable information of the applicant. All sanitized applications will be forwarded to the selection committee for scoring. The selection committee will forward all results to the scholarship chairperson. All decisions made by the selection committee and scholarship committee will be final. Any unwillingness on the part of an applicant or an applicant’s representative to abide by the selection committee’s or scholarship committee’s decision will result in rejection of the application.



Each Applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. A current year member of the GFAB Horse Club with the intent of furthering equine knowledge.

  2. Application and all required documents are subject to verification. Essays submitted must be the original work of the student, generated from their personal experience and illustrating their personality and equine passion.



  1. Scholarships are intended for the recipient to further their interests and education in the equine field (lessons, clinics, shows, camps, and educational materials).

  2. Payment of the scholarship money will be made directly to the selected recipient upon formal acknowledgement of winning at the Annual Awards Banquet.



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